Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your love and interest for the women and children that God has brought to this ministry to be restored and renewed in His spirit. So many wonderful things are witnessed here and we invite you to witness His love being poured out to these widows and fatherless children.

Hello, my name is April, the Volunteer Coordinator; I welcome you to Christ Harbor family. Below you will find volunteer opportunities that may match your God given gifts.

If you would like to take the next step in volunteering at Christ Harbor, please fill out the Volunteer Online Form.


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Go to our Volunteer page, fill out our online Volunteer application, or send us an email at: april@sheepfoldaz.org.

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If you’d like to take the next step in volunteering at The Sheepfold, please fill out the Volunteer Online Form.

*Mandatory Background Checks


Work with a child individually focusing on his/her academic problem areas. This is a great opportunity to mentor a child and see one of His children grow in Christ’s love while accomplishing a goal.

Shelter Assistant*

You may come to the shelter to help with the daily chores and duties supervised by the house manager. The volunteer’s first responsibility is to be available for the children in the home to play, read or help with their homework.

Little Lambs*

8:30AM – 9:15AM (Saturday only)

This program is a time for a volunteer to come into our shelter and share Bible stories and Crafts with our children.

Got Talent?

Has God blessed you with a talent that could bless our children on Saturday Night or our ministry?

Group Work Days

Bring you church group, high school group or college group to work together at our shelter. Anything needed around the house or property that would just bless the shelter ministry.

Holiday Baskets

Bless our women and children with a basket filled with hope, devotions, body care and goodies to encourage and make them feel special.

Birthday Party in a Box

You are wondering what a birthday box is… Glad you asked. A birthday box is a great and fun gift for a child in our shelter. The box has everything to throw a great birthday party. All party favors put into a box awaiting a child’s smile. It is best to have generic or mainstream party themes. Streamers and balloons, birthday cake mix and poppers, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. You can have so much fun with this project.

God bless you all for serving…